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Give a beekeeping kit to help native workers support themselves and their ministry.

Give a Bible to equip a fellow Christian for a lifetime of spiritual growth, or to share the gospel with someone who has never encountered it before. You can help bring the light of God's word to Pakistan - a nation where less than 1% of the population has accepted Jesus.


Give a bicycle so a church planter or pastor can travel to multiple churches in an area.

Give a brick bundle to help build a new classroom for children at a ministry-run school. Each brick bundle includes 10 bricks.

Give a newborn care package to help a mother and her child for one month.


Give a chicken so a family can eat and sell its eggs.

Give a children's gift bundle to make a maximum impact in a child’s life. Each package includes school supplies, sports equipment, a Christmas gift, and a pair of shoes.

Give a Christmas Gift Box full of small gifts so a child can receive a sign of God’s love at Christmas.

Give a COVID Relief Package to provide hope and help to hurting people.

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