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Give a child a Christmas gift in Jesus’ name — it may be the only one they receive.

Showcase God’s love in a practical way by providing a community toilet for rural villagers. (Your $1,500 gift provides a community toilet. Your $150 or $300 gift will be combined with other gifts to provide this life-changing community resource.)

Your donation of $40 or more will feed a Ukrainian family for a week, as well as help provide shelter, medicines, and safe evacuation away from conflict zones.

Stock a farm that produces income for pastors in a closed Southeast Asian country.

Provide food and income for a family in need.

Give the gift of God's Word to a child in China, and reach the entire family with the Gospel.

Equip Christian clinics to help more people and share the love of Jesus.

Help the gospel go farther by giving an offroad-ready motorcycle to a native church planter. (Your $2,000 gift provides a motorcycle suitable for difficult roads. Your $200 or $400 gift will be combined with other gifts to provide a motorcycle for a church planter who cannot afford one.)

Your $65 gift will feed a family on the verge of starvation for up to four weeks in the aftermath of Super Typhoon Rai.

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