Everyone deserves a chance to encounter the gospel message and experience abundant life in Christ.

But in many places there is little or no local Christian witness. Almost 4 in 10 people worldwide live in a community without a thriving church movement.

Your gift sends help and hope in Jesus’ name to people in some of the neediest places in the world. It’s a simple way to share the love of Christ that has transformed your heart.


This is how you make a global impact —

  • Your donation equips native Christian partners.
  • People receive direct help and hope in Jesus’ name when you donate Bibles overseas.
  • Together we make a difference in lives around the world!

Send help and hope where the needs are greatest
More than 99% of missions giving goes to communities that already have Christian movements. With ANM, your donation is targeted at places where the gospel has not yet taken root.

Trustworthy Stewardship
Our partners are rigorously vetted, so you can trust that your donation is invested wisely for the greatest impact.


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I am a pastor in a rural area, and it was so hard for me to do evangelism and church visits. I thank God for this special gift of a bicycle.


Church planter in Rwanda

Brothers and sisters around the world, we want to thank God for you, for we are all members of the same family.

Persecuted believer in China

His God does answer prayer!

Muslim Bulgarian mother

after her child received shoes from a pastor

Thank you, God. You saw my situation and provided what I needed.


COVID-19 aid recipient in Indonesia

If this book changed me, it has the power to change anyone.


Former criminal in North Korea who received a Bible