Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I give a gift?

ANM’s native missionaries deliver every gift in Jesus’ name to someone in need. Every gift you give is part of the mission to share the Gospel and start new churches where people still need to hear the Gospel for the first time.

Where will my gift go?

Your gift will be given to a person in need in one of the 100+ countries where ANM works. Our native missionaries always share the Gospel along with the practical gift, so your gift will make an eternal impact wherever it goes.

What if an item receives more donations than needed?

That would be wonderful! Any extra funds will be distributed in the form of other highly needed items that will transform lives and spread the Gospel around the world.

Who is ANM?

As Christians, we all want other people to experience the Gospel that has transformed our lives. But it can be difficult to find the best way to make a difference as a Christian, especially beyond your local community. For the past 30 years, ANM has helped Christians like you, as well as churches, get involved in global outreach that transforms lives and communities in the name of Jesus.

What does “Native Missions” in your name mean?

Instead of sending American missionaries to other countries, we send and equip missionaries serving in their own countries (“native” or “indigenous” missionaries). They already know the local languages and cultures where they work, and they live on local budgets. That means your donation goes farther than with traditional “foreign missions.” ANM currently works in more than 100 countries, focusing on sharing the Gospel where it has never been heard before.

How Can I Order Print Copies of the Gift Catalog?

We’d love to send you printed copies of the Gift Catalog to share with your family, friends, school, small group, or church!

Please call 540.456.7111 or email Let us know how many copies you need, your name, and your address.

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Illustrated Storybook Bible for a Child in China


Give the gift of God’s Word to a child in China.

An Impact Story

Seven-year-old Ling Ling wasn’t a Christian. She just wanted a welcoming and friendly place to go. So she occasionally attended children’s programs at the church in her town in China. Her parents never went with her.

One day at church, Ling Ling received an illustrated Storybook Bible. She took it home and asked her parents to read it to her. In the evenings, she and her parents and grandparents sat and read the stories together.

It wasn’t long before Ling Ling showed up at church again, this time with her parents, too! They were captivated by the stories and wanted to know more about Jesus. Soon, Ling Ling’s entire family began following Christ. Her parents even started a reading group for other families from her school. Every family received a copy of the Storybook Bible that changed Ling Ling’s life.