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Give the Gift of the Gospel

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We provided a goat to a widow’s family. They got milk from the goat and could feed their family. After some time, this goat gave offspring, and the family was able to sell the goats and bought a cow. And now they have three cows — from one goat.

Timothy in Kenya

Thank you for the food. And thank you also for serving the people here because of the earthquake. May God bless you also.

Hamza in Morocco

These goats will improve the nutrition of our congregation. Thank you. May God bless you.

Gunawan in Indonesia

I am a pastor in a rural area, and it was so hard for me to do evangelism and church visits. I thank God for this special gift of a bicycle.

Rwandan missionary who received a bicycle

The children's Bible Storybook taught me how to love God and people.

Young Chinese man who received a Storybook Bible

I had questions on my mind, but by studying the Bible, my questions were answered one by one.

Farah, a former Muslim in Indonesia

Thank you, God. You saw my situation and provided what I needed.

Indonesian woman who received emergency aid

I used to have to walk. It would take me five hours to get to the village. Now it takes 20 minutes to get there.

Kenyan missionary who received a motorcycle

I am a widow. During the 1994 genocide, I was desperate … [Today,] I can feed myself and my family … The loan changed my life and gave me hope for tomorrow.

Rwandan woman who received a microloan

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