Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I give a gift?

We send your donation to our native partners around the world. They serve in their own countries, speak the local languages, understand the local cultures and religions, and live at the local economic level. Our native partners purchase the designated items locally and use them to deliver help and hope in Jesus’ name. They share the gospel, start churches, and care for the poor in the world’s unreached, marginalized, and forgotten communities. Together we make a difference in lives around the world!

Where will my gift go?

Your gift will be sent to our trusted native partners in one of almost 100 countries. Each partner is working to share the gospel with local people who desperately need to hear that God loves them, so your gift will make an impact wherever it goes.

What if an item receives more donations than needed?

That would be wonderful! Any extra funds will be distributed in the form of other highly needed items that will transform lives and spread the gospel around the world.

Who is ANM?

As Christians, we all want other people to experience the gospel that has transformed our lives. But it can be difficult to find the best way to make a difference as a Christian, especially beyond your local community. For the past 28 years ANM (Advancing Native Missions) has helped thousands of Christians and hundreds of churches get involved in global outreach that transforms lives and communities in the name of Jesus.

What does “Native Missions” in your name mean?

Instead of sending foreign missionaries abroad, we partner with native Christians who live in or near their homelands. They already know the language and culture of the people they serve, and they are accustomed to the physical climate, religious customs, and political systems of the communities they work in. They also live at the local economic level, meaning that your donation goes farther than with traditional foreign missions. All of our partners are rigorously vetted, gospel-centered, and fruitful. They purposefully focus their work on places without a thriving local church.

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Motorcycles for Missionaries


Help provide motorcycles for two church planters in Bangladesh. They are sharing the gospel boldly among their Muslim neighbors and could reach many more people with adequate transportation.

Help Them Minister to More People

Many areas of Bangladesh could have growing churches and discipleship movements, but pastors can’t get to them often enough.

Sometimes there are no vehicles to rent or borrow, and often there aren’t funds to rent them or even take public transportation.

Their fellow evangelist, Sister Shanti, recently received a motorcycle. Now she is responsible for 7 ministry fields in 2 districts. Each has 10–15 believers (75–100 believers total).

Providing motorcycles for each of these two church planters would allow 150 – 200 new believers to be cared for across multiple mission fields and districts, along with more chances to visit and minister to new believers already underneath the care of their ministry.

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